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Some of you are on my email list and some of you aren't and some use AOL so you probably didn't get my newsletter/state of my brane bulletin, so here it is (pretend this came in your email box):

Hey everybody!

Stuart Pearson here.  The guy with the toy monkey from www.stuartpearson.net

I want to wish everybody the happiest holiday they choose to celebrate.  And
if you don't celebrate one, I wish for you the genius to create your very own
holiday and to dance around till you fall over and giggle.

This week is such a beautiful summing up for me, as my life starts to go
through subtle and not-so-subtle changes.  A radio show, two musical reunions
and a sad goodbye or three.  It has been a glorious year, even with the
dramas I insisted on playing.

Over the past few weeks, as clouds appeared, I found myself stressed for the
first time in months.  A few days ago, I was at a red light, cussing at every
car that just danced with me and stopped at a light.  I looked at the faces
of the drivers who wizzed by me, as well as the cars going every which way on
the overpasses down the street and I realized that there are SO MANY people,
all little wizards, running around with plans, hopes and dreams and all
(hopefully) loving other people who have hopes and dreams.  And all they
really want to do is make each other happy.  I smiled for the first time in
several days and went home.  Awaiting me were phone messages for new, paying
music work as well as all the money I had been waiting on.  It's almost as if
by changing my mood, the dam broke and GOOD finally prevailed.  Odd, eh?

I wish for you that same happy dam-break.

Tomorrow (thursday) morning, I will do a two-hour Holiday Special radio show
on KUCI 88.9 FM in Irvine from 10 AM till noon..  You can hear it online at www.kuci.org .  Along with me, Carlos and the whole gang  will be
the fabulous Kerry Getz (http://www.kerry-getz.com), in our first performance
together in about three years.  We'll perform songs from her beautiful cd
"It's A Wonderful Life" as well as some of the songs from my own (tragically
illegal-to-sell, but you-can-hear at
http://www.soundclick.com/bands/pagemusic.cfm?bandID=603911) "SANTASTAN !"

As if THAT isn't earth-changing enough, my semi-legendairy (enphasis on the
dairy) band THROUGH THE WOODS will reunite for the first time in NINE YEARS
to play three songs friday night at Highland Grounds in Hollywood.  Why? 
Because it will be the final night for music at HG, which over the last 16
years has become an L.A. institution.  This is one of the three goodbyes the
next two weeks brings.  TTW will play two old TTW favorites ("Wax Paper" and
"Red Motel") as well as a track from "SANTASTAN!" featuring the vocal prowess
of Maureen Davis.  We practiced last night for the first time in 9 years and
we SMOKED.  Astounding.  We're going on about 8 PM for 10-15 glorious
minutes.  If you're in town, it will be the best 15 minutes you spend ALL

Then on saturday, I'm performing for a three-hour private party.  The only
reason I bring that up is since I don't have any other shows booked, it could
well be the last three hour nonsense-athon I ever do.  I dunno!  Life is
moving me in new places and I want to embrace the changes it brings. (tho
feel free to find me new gigs - I ain't dead yet!)

Kulak's Woodshed still hasn't received the city's blessing (yet) so it could
be shut down as of 12/31.  Highland Grounds closes 12/31.  Diedrich's
coffeehouse chain starts closing most of it's retail stores on 1/2.  So many

Anyways, I love you all and thank you for all the support you've given me
these last three years.  I'm expecting to hear exciting stories about how
surprisingly fantastic 2007 is treating you.

much love,


looking into your SOUL

dum dee dum dum...

Well, seems like the Agency got SOME of the money from the Disney Stores they've been waiting on since November and will be paying me at least some if not all of the money I'm owed monday (or tuesday really - monday is packed with rehearsals).


Been doing some scoring for a new movie called "Game Face" but so distracted over the Disney thing that I haven't been nearly as productive as I usually am.  BUT BUT BUT I got a last minute christmas party gig on the 23rd in Alta Dena (actually, for the same people that hooked me up with Kevin Lyman from the Warped Tour) that pays real american money, so the dawn is starting to break.  HUZZAH !  HUZZAH I SAY !!!!

Monday rehearsing with Kerry Getz for our radio show thursday, tuesday rehearsing with Through The Woods (!?!) for the Highland Grounds final music night friday and wednesday re-learning my dopey solo stuff (it HAS been a month) for a christmas party on saturday.  WHO SAYS YOU NEED A LIFE TO BE BUSY ?!?

I can't wait for 2007 and the new cartoonyness it brings.
looking into your SOUL

Kulak's Woodshed Tonite

Going to one of the last open mics at Kulak's tonite.  I'll be playing "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" with Carlos, the Souls of the Damned Chorale and the Lady Lump Dancers.  It's Kiki Wow's last night as host (she's moving to the wine country) so it will be extra special.  If you're bored with teevee, you can see the open mic live at www.kulakswoodshed.com  from 7:30 - 10 PM.  It's a weepy nite, since saying goodbye to Kiki AND in two weeks the Woodshed.  If you haven't watched the open mic before, you should - the talent ranges from splendid to ghastly, sometimes during the same act.

looking into your SOUL

mmmm. enDORPHinseses

Just took a bike ride up the beach to Malibu - haven't done that in at least 6 months, tho it feels like it has been much longer.   Polishing off a bottle of Trader Joe's Cab/Merlot blend to come down off that endorphin high.   DAMN !   I forgot how good it feels to exercise.

2006 has been such a wild ride.  Since the divorce in 2002, each year has been quantum leaps forward and 2007 looks like it's going to be wonderful.   That said, when winter approaches,  I can't help but think about holidays past, and so I've looked up my ex-stepchildren on myspace.  My split with the ex was B.A.D. and in case the kids ever look me up I won't go into details here of what their mom did.   I'm not in touch with them anymore (by demands of their mom) and it has been a great cloak of sadness for four years running.   They're now 17 and 14 and are beautiful young women.   It's the first time I've seen pictures of the youngest in 4 years - such a huge difference and I hope they somehow know that I still love them and miss them.   I won't contact them tho - they have to do that on their own - I'm just a footnote in their lives at this point (for four years early in their lives) and it just feels inappropriate the chime in uninvited.
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say wha ?!?

Highland Grounds 11-30-06

Geez, I'm gonna miss this place. Went down to the open mic tonight with Carlos and the HHO. Carlos got to do a sit-in with a 75 year old rapping grandma named Gimmet? Gimlet? Gillet? Something like that. She did a rap about living in a jewish community retirement home and the call and response was to "Oy Vey! Oy Vey Ist Mir!" while Carlos banged away. She was oblivious to Carlos's rhythm and he was oblivious to hers. Lotsa lines about jello and bingo. It's reasons like this that have made this one of my most beloved locations since 1990.

I on the other hand, did a dignified version of "Immigrant Song" by Led Zeppelin with Carlos and had the HHO take a solo. People screeched along and young girls screamed "I Love You!", probably to Carlos, who got a screaming ovation when he hit the stage. It stinks to be the wingman for a toy monkey.

Highland Grounds closes forever on Dec. 31st. Rich the owner turns it into a fulltime restaurant called "The Dive", without music, on Jan 2nd. It's like someone just sold my parent's house. Rumors of a Through the Woods (my former, semi-legendary band) 2 song mini-reunion are in the air for Highland's last night on Dec. 22nd.
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Going to Kulak's tonite to play at the open mic.  It's a hootful of fun, even to watch.  It starts at 7:30-8:00 Cali time and goes til 10 PM and is webcast at www.kulakswoodshed.com .  If you're bored, tune it - unless a solution comes quickly, this will be one of the last Kulak's open mics.

Because of all the change going on right now, with people leaving my life and places to play closing all around me at a rate I've never seen before, I'll be playing a new song called "There Is No Goodbye"   

EDIT: Now with video suppplied by hersheyjumper!!!   (on the comments page).  The lyrics go
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looking into your SOUL


So the last D's show was tonight in Orange. It went fine, tho the guy with the five Carloses never showed up (dammit!) hersheyjumper and ahhhlisaaah had a bunch of real cool t-shirts (some glow in the dark) made up with my picture on the front and on the back it says "The man with the most toys wins!" and my website. They're super cool. THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU !!!

I got a little weepy at the end of the night. There were songs I played tonight that I will probably never play again. Some people took cell phone photos. I didn't know how to end three years of weekends in Orange County, so I did "Here Comes Your Happy" with Carlos and the HHO since I was close to tears (yeah, I'm a puss, I know). I loved the Diedrich's experience and all the oddball stories it has contributed to this diary.

So next comes planning a tour, either of the west coast or across the country. May team up with an artist named James Hurley (freakin brilliant) who does tours quite often. May try my hand at the house concert circuit across the country. And there's always the Taste of Chaos tour in february, if Kevin asks me to jump on the bus.

So if you're in San Fran or anywhere in between L.A. and San Fran and would like to see a guy holler with a toy monkey,find me a place to play! (and if they pay, that would be ginchy)

The time has come to annoy new peoplebles.
looking into your SOUL


Yesterday was a happy eat day. Started at Laura's house and ate turkey, taters, cranberries, and stuffing - met some nice American peoplebles. Then I went to Julia's house and ate turkey, taters, carnberries and stuffing - met nice European peoplebles - only three Americans and 15 Euros, so we got to explain thanksgiving to them, which is kinda like explaining baseball to a foreigner. Then I went to Kulak's potluck and ate turkey, taters, cranberries and stuffing and saw peoplebles I know and discussed Bush, Clinton and the porn guy next door.

And I have a leftovers plate in the fridge so I can eat turkey, taters, cranberries and stuffing today befre my recording session starts.

I now know that thanksgiving, tho yummy and fun, makes no sense whatsoever.

you may burp now.

btw - the new Beatles album is quite fun - excellent technically speaking, and I'm sure sacrilege for many, but as a guy who does mashup stuff, this is well done and will make you wanna hear the originals all over again. You can hear the whole thing online if you want at www.thebeatles.com