changeng (changeng) wrote,

dum deedum deedum

Only new happy news is I found out that I'm in the Smithsonian Institiution - no lie.  I played on a track by Lisa Nemzo some years ago (hurdy gurdy) that was picked for a Smithsonian compilation of new folk music for the 90's.  Pretty crazy, eh?

Otherwise, nothing much going on -  except that I'm working 8 - 12 hours a day sending emails, phone calling and occasionally sending packages to about 900 different ad agencies, reps, music houses. music libraries, etc.  Slow progress, and it's crazy-making, however you have to believe in what you're doing at all times, so I trudge forward.  Sure, I have moments where I'm in tears wondering about bills, progress in general, etc. however without steadfast conviction in what you do, you simply won't achieve anything substantial.  How does rent get paid?  dunno yet.  car insurance?  back of the line, pal.

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