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Record Release show for Framistan last night - Tales From The Coffeehouse

Jan. 27th, 2007 02:33 pm Record Release show for Framistan last night

Such a nice time I had.  Lisa (of Lisa and Paul fame), Pam, Darcy and Bobbie trekked all the way up from O.C..  Twelve wonderful songwriters played a song apiece for me (Jason Dean even wrote a song called "Framistan" for the occasion!) and then I launched into a nearly complete version of "FRAMISTAN !".  Kelly (my gurlie)  filled in for Laura who lives in San Fran, Julia sang and Deb sang their respective parts on the record.  Carlos was quite reserved, only playing on "Happy" (and such a luxury, having Julia AND Kelly sing the chorus the way Nature planned).  Kelly even busted out her sk-1 skills for "The Truth Gets Done" and "Love Theme from Framistan".  Then she sang Kerry Getz's parts on "45" which was so strange to hear another voice (albeit a freakin GREAT one) doing it, after hearing Kerry sing it for three years (still plays it at her shows sometimes).  And the luxury of playing "What Can You Expect" on a baby grand piano AND having Julia and Kelly sing the parts I can't sing was pure Hebbin.   Deb Tala dressed like a mom (apron, hairbun) and sand her parts on "Rubber Room", which turned out to be one of many highlights of the evening.  Kelly's folks emailed during the show and said they love me and welcomed me into the family and I got a little red-faced.   it was a swell, swell, evening.

Now on to Framistan's World Domination!

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Date:January 28th, 2007 05:29 am (UTC)
Imagine the shock of seeing you play a big-boy piano!!

So much talent and so little time. It would have been an easy all-nighter...