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Happy Almost! - Tales From The Coffeehouse

Dec. 23rd, 2006 09:53 pm Happy Almost!

Happy Almost, everybody!

The Through the Woods reunion at Highland Grounds last night was a righteous success.  We rocked SO. HARD.  The three original members just kept smiling at each other - every note was right where we left them.  David Garza filled in for our FBI-missing-in-action bassist and he was brilliant.  Our old manager Alan introduced Brett Perkins who then introduced us.  The reason was, A) Alan deserved to say hi, since he started one of the larger showcases in Hollywood back in the day, and B) Brett had a history that needed irony.  Back in 1996, when the band was voted Band of the Year by the National Academy of Songwriters, Brett was the president.  Brett HATED the band.  Liked us as people, just did NOT like the music.  So at a NAS event at the Troubadour one night, he couldn't bring himself to introduce us as band of the year, so he said, "There are alot of bands in town with three word names.  Here's another one:  THROUGH THE WOODS."  We were SO PISSED at him at the time.  Now it's a guaranteed giggle every time it comes up.  So we had him do that to cheers in the crowd.

After the show Bob the drummer gave out copies of our old cd to everyone in the crowd, which made me cringe.  I do not like that cd.  But hopefully I'm in the minority on that.  Harry Connick Jr. was there but wouldn't take a cd - can't blame him.  I remember the waried look on Tom Waits face when I forced one on him way back when.  Heck, I hate it when people shovel their stuff on me unasked.  Anyways, a great, fun evening even though it was also very sad.  Goodbye Highland Grounds.  I will miss you. ALOT.

Played at a private party today which was kinda fun, just exhausted through all of it.  And Kevin from the Warped Tour showed up toward the end and it looks like I may be back on that tour next summer.  Got good reports from everyone, so that's swell.

This has been the best christmas week EVER.

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You said swell!! "so that's swell." tch tch tch
Date:December 28th, 2006 09:42 pm (UTC)

Re: Dude

if life were any sweller, it would throb.