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a quick summary

Hokay - so i've been bizzy lately.   Here's the highlites of my cartoon week so far:

Just found out a portrait that was painted of me this year playing accordion was sold for $900 and is now in a hotel in Acapulco.   This makes me feel pretty!

Universal Music Group made remove my version of "When Doves Cry" for copyright infringement.  Is Prince threatened by a man and his gurdy?

I haven't slept in a couple days and my radio show today was a bit wobbly - some things with Kerry were unrehearsed and really showed their seams.  My niece called in before the show, which was great!  The first actual phone conversation we've had in eight years, even tho I couldn't stay on too long.  And Kerry sold a cd to a listener right after the first song.

I played at the last Highland Grounds open mic tonight and it was a fun night, tho a little sad.  Tomorrow night Through The Woods reunites for the final music night there.  Then i will cry.  and then sleep.

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