October 2nd, 2007

looking into your SOUL

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 I just found out that Gabriel, DJZJ from KUCI has passed away.  He was found in his bedroom about a week ago - the cause of death is not yet disclosed.

I performed on Gabriel's show numerous times with Carlos and all the dopey toys that I used in my shows.  The shows were always cacaphonous, annoying and great fun.  Some clips of the shows are up on my website, if you want to hear our nonsense as it beamed throughout Orange County (and on the Internet), go to  www.stuartpearson.net . Gabriel was definitely an oddball, a thinker and a unique creature.

When you hear of someone you knew and loved has passed, it hurts your heart.  When you associated that person with a special time in your life, when you were chasing fragile and precious dreams, it's like seeing that dream fade further still.  This is a fragile place and we get so wrapped up in the game we play every day that when someone takes their piece off the gameboard, you stop and reflect.

Sadness is like soil - you wash it off your clothes yet still depend on it to nourish the earth so that new things can grow.

Fare well, Gabriel.  Many of us will miss your madness.