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 I just found out that Gabriel, DJZJ from KUCI has passed away.  He was found in his bedroom about a week ago - the cause of death is not yet disclosed.

I performed on Gabriel's show numerous times with Carlos and all the dopey toys that I used in my shows.  The shows were always cacaphonous, annoying and great fun.  Some clips of the shows are up on my website, if you want to hear our nonsense as it beamed throughout Orange County (and on the Internet), go to  www.stuartpearson.net . Gabriel was definitely an oddball, a thinker and a unique creature.

When you hear of someone you knew and loved has passed, it hurts your heart.  When you associated that person with a special time in your life, when you were chasing fragile and precious dreams, it's like seeing that dream fade further still.  This is a fragile place and we get so wrapped up in the game we play every day that when someone takes their piece off the gameboard, you stop and reflect.

Sadness is like soil - you wash it off your clothes yet still depend on it to nourish the earth so that new things can grow.

Fare well, Gabriel.  Many of us will miss your madness.

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Kulak's Woodshed TONITE !!!


Some of you may remember that I used to perform ALOT.  Tonight I'm playing at Kulak's Woodshed for my first gig since January and I'll be in a songwriters-in-the-round, performing three or four new songs.  Just guitar and me, the monkey is actually SICK.  Tried him a couple weeks ago for a McDonald's Commercial and he sped up, slowed down. sped up, slowed down.  Literally the definition of rusty.  

I trade songs with Maureen Davis, Alana Sowman and Lisa Nemzo (the other writers) from 8-9 PM.  If you're at home on a friday night and bored (or just curious to see if I've aged) tune in online at www.kulakswoodshed.com  follow the prompts and never be lonely again.

HEY!  You can even email in live to the show!  Go on - embarrass me! 

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dum deedum deedum

Only new happy news is I found out that I'm in the Smithsonian Institiution - no lie.  I played on a track by Lisa Nemzo some years ago (hurdy gurdy) that was picked for a Smithsonian compilation of new folk music for the 90's.  Pretty crazy, eh?

Otherwise, nothing much going on -  except that I'm working 8 - 12 hours a day sending emails, phone calling and occasionally sending packages to about 900 different ad agencies, reps, music houses. music libraries, etc.  Slow progress, and it's crazy-making, however you have to believe in what you're doing at all times, so I trudge forward.  Sure, I have moments where I'm in tears wondering about bills, progress in general, etc. however without steadfast conviction in what you do, you simply won't achieve anything substantial.  How does rent get paid?  dunno yet.  car insurance?  back of the line, pal.
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Haven't updated in a long time, so here goes.

I've taken this livejournal off of my website, since I'm not performing too much these days.  The downside is I really miss performing.  The upside is I can now get a bit more personal, which is something that always bugged me about keeping my journal out there for website visitors to see.

Nothing earth-shaking to report right now - the biggest news is the video of me playing "Hold" at Kulak's is now the #4 All-time top rated video on Youtube, which is pretty neat.  Doesn't really mean anything, dammit, but it's nice to see when nothing else is all that shiny at the moment.  Framistan is now on cdbaby and I'm looking into other ways of promoting it.

Starting up a new business with this composing stuff I'm doing is verrrry hit and miss and I'm sure it will work out great in the long run, however it's all door-knocking right now.  Disneystore pulled the rug out on me and about 20 other people, so that's gone.  I've put out introductory emails to 800 production companies, ad agencies, music supervisors, etc last week and will start the followup letters tomorrow.  About five or six companies showing an interest so far - so it's a wait and see.  Just been doing the odd overdub sessions lately and finishing up work I was paid on ages ago, so money is ti-hi-hi-hi-ight.  dammit.

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Record Release show for Framistan last night

Such a nice time I had.  Lisa (of Lisa and Paul fame), Pam, Darcy and Bobbie trekked all the way up from O.C..  Twelve wonderful songwriters played a song apiece for me (Jason Dean even wrote a song called "Framistan" for the occasion!) and then I launched into a nearly complete version of "FRAMISTAN !".  Kelly (my gurlie)  filled in for Laura who lives in San Fran, Julia sang and Deb sang their respective parts on the record.  Carlos was quite reserved, only playing on "Happy" (and such a luxury, having Julia AND Kelly sing the chorus the way Nature planned).  Kelly even busted out her sk-1 skills for "The Truth Gets Done" and "Love Theme from Framistan".  Then she sang Kerry Getz's parts on "45" which was so strange to hear another voice (albeit a freakin GREAT one) doing it, after hearing Kerry sing it for three years (still plays it at her shows sometimes).  And the luxury of playing "What Can You Expect" on a baby grand piano AND having Julia and Kelly sing the parts I can't sing was pure Hebbin.   Deb Tala dressed like a mom (apron, hairbun) and sand her parts on "Rubber Room", which turned out to be one of many highlights of the evening.  Kelly's folks emailed during the show and said they love me and welcomed me into the family and I got a little red-faced.   it was a swell, swell, evening.

Now on to Framistan's World Domination!
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Tonight's the Night !!! 8 - 10 PM Cali time !!!

Tonight is the record release party for "FRAMISTAN !" at Kulak's Woodshed.  There is no cover charge (which means it's free, tho they pass a bucket around for donations to keep the place open - (i gets NONE of it, so be generous).  I will be the master of ceremonies tonight.  There will be a bunch of my songwriter friends performing before me (one song each) and then the most glorious event in western civilization's spotty history:  the performance of "FRAMISTAN !" in it's entirety.  Just me, a guitar, a monkey, a gurdy, a HUMP-288, some christmas ornaments, some cheesy 80's keyboards (thanks Jeremy!) and some great gurlie singers to help me.

If you can't make it to Kulak's in North Hollywood, you can watch it online LIVE LIVE LIVE at www.kulakswoodshed.com . The show runs from 8 - 10 PM, with me going on around 9-ish.   Aw, come on - you KNOW you wanna watch !!!

and "FRAMISTAN !" will be available at www.cdbaby.com later today -just click the "search" button and type in framistan .  


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Update into 2007

 Haven't updated in a couple weeks - been actually living a LIFE for the first time in years.

Hokay - here's the news that is fit to print.

Buried in work - scoring a movie called "Game Face" while finishing up mixes for Jay's project and starting two recordings for Deanna.

I am having the record release party for "Framistan!" on Friday, Jan 26th at Kulak's Woodshed.  A bunch of friends will perform a song or two apiece until me, Carlos and the gang storm the rug and play this stuff.  YES, CD'S WILL BE FOR SALE.  YES, YOU CAN COME.  No booze allowed, no full frontal nudity.   Since the pornstar next door to Kulak's now routinely checks my journal, I 'd like to wish him a happy and satisfying new year, full of peace and purpose.     Spread love, dude, not hate.

To add cartoonyness to my cartoon life, the video of me playing my song "Hold" at Kulak's Woodshed is #11 on You Tube's all-time top-rated videos.  I shit-you-not.  9000 views and counting.  YIKES.   http://youtube.com/browse?t=a&p=1&s=tr&c=24&l=EN    Univeral Music Group had YouTube ban my video of "When Doves Cry" for copyright infringement. - if Prince turns round and rocks a gurdy, I shall scream foul.

On the personal side, tho clinical studies showed it was impossible, I am officially in love.  Her name is Kelly and I think she shall someday be my wife.  Possibly the best singer I've ever known, beautiful and everything I thought I'd never find.  

2007 is starting off real swell.
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Happy Almost!

Happy Almost, everybody!

The Through the Woods reunion at Highland Grounds last night was a righteous success.  We rocked SO. HARD.  The three original members just kept smiling at each other - every note was right where we left them.  David Garza filled in for our FBI-missing-in-action bassist and he was brilliant.  Our old manager Alan introduced Brett Perkins who then introduced us.  The reason was, A) Alan deserved to say hi, since he started one of the larger showcases in Hollywood back in the day, and B) Brett had a history that needed irony.  Back in 1996, when the band was voted Band of the Year by the National Academy of Songwriters, Brett was the president.  Brett HATED the band.  Liked us as people, just did NOT like the music.  So at a NAS event at the Troubadour one night, he couldn't bring himself to introduce us as band of the year, so he said, "There are alot of bands in town with three word names.  Here's another one:  THROUGH THE WOODS."  We were SO PISSED at him at the time.  Now it's a guaranteed giggle every time it comes up.  So we had him do that to cheers in the crowd.

After the show Bob the drummer gave out copies of our old cd to everyone in the crowd, which made me cringe.  I do not like that cd.  But hopefully I'm in the minority on that.  Harry Connick Jr. was there but wouldn't take a cd - can't blame him.  I remember the waried look on Tom Waits face when I forced one on him way back when.  Heck, I hate it when people shovel their stuff on me unasked.  Anyways, a great, fun evening even though it was also very sad.  Goodbye Highland Grounds.  I will miss you. ALOT.

Played at a private party today which was kinda fun, just exhausted through all of it.  And Kevin from the Warped Tour showed up toward the end and it looks like I may be back on that tour next summer.  Got good reports from everyone, so that's swell.

This has been the best christmas week EVER.
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a quick summary

Hokay - so i've been bizzy lately.   Here's the highlites of my cartoon week so far:

Just found out a portrait that was painted of me this year playing accordion was sold for $900 and is now in a hotel in Acapulco.   This makes me feel pretty!

Universal Music Group made Youtube.com remove my version of "When Doves Cry" for copyright infringement.  Is Prince threatened by a man and his gurdy?

I haven't slept in a couple days and my radio show today was a bit wobbly - some things with Kerry were unrehearsed and really showed their seams.  My niece called in before the show, which was great!  The first actual phone conversation we've had in eight years, even tho I couldn't stay on too long.  And Kerry sold a cd to a listener right after the first song.

I played at the last Highland Grounds open mic tonight and it was a fun night, tho a little sad.  Tomorrow night Through The Woods reunites for the final music night there.  Then i will cry.  and then sleep.